Monday, October 15, 2012

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

In preparing for our Ladies Night event I woke up early (5am) on Sunday, Sept 30th with a strong notion to make another batch of meatballs.  I had already made a bunch the day before.  I knew of 21 women coming to our house for Ladies Night, and I had plenty of meatballs for each one of them.  Yet, I had this strong urge to make more.  I was beginning to think I might be caught up in my natural tendency to overdo things and started feeling pretty anxious.  My thoughts were random and cloudy on what to do.  Should I make more meatballs?  I don't want to be wasteful.  Do I even have the ingredients to make another batch?  How much more should I make?  Why am I up worrying about meatballs at 5am, should I just go back to bed?  In the end I stopped and prayed.  As my racing, cloudy thoughts lifted I knew with complete clarity that I was to make some more meatballs and I did.  Now looking back I know God was preparing me for what was about to take place later that evening. 

I am overwhelmed to share that not 21, but 57 women came to our Ladies Night.  I only had 21 confirmations, but our house was filled with women talking, laughing, eating and shopping in every room of my house.  We had jewelry, and hairstyling with fancy clips going on in the living room, food choppers, pots, pans and cooking gadgets galore in the kitchen, and some beautiful luggage, totes and home organizing items in the family room.  Oh, and let's not forget some yummy treats, including Asian sweet and sour meatballs, to enjoy in the dining room.  It was a great night and I am so thankful for all of those who came out to support us.  I am also thankful for those who couldn't make it but placed an online order, or prayed for the evening.  God was faithful.

In the end we raised another $950.00 toward our adoption.  I want to say the exact same thing I keep saying because I don't know what else to say. And that is that God continues to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine. 

Oh yeah, one more thing, at the end of the night when were cleaning up there were seven meatballs left in my crockpot! 


  1. I'll take that as an order to go - with my outside order.

    that is awesome!!! God is good.

  2. Needed this reminder today : ) !!


  3. LOVE IT! God is good, all the time :) Even when we are fuzzy and unclear at 5 a.m. :) LOL!!!!!