Sunday, June 16, 2013

Post Adoption Visit #1 Complete

Friday, June 15 we had our first post adoption home visit.  Our social worker, Jinny, showed up at 9:30am and spent the next hour asking us loads of questions about our experience in China, how things are at home now with Mercy, our kids and us.  She observed Mercy interact with us and she was very pleased to see how well she appears to be bonding with each of us.  Jinny also got down on the floor and spent some time playing with Mercy, not sure why, but Mercy seemed to enjoy her.  All in all it was pretty harmless and when she left I joked with the kids that we needed an easy button for that one.  The boys replied, "we cleaned our room for nothing, she didn't even go upstairs!"  I am guessing that when our next visit comes up in two months I am not going to get as much cooperation from the boys to help me clean.  (LOL)

We have another CHOP appointment this coming Thursday to meet with the occupational therapist who was sick the other day.  Scott will still be away, so I will be flying solo for this one.  Thankfully it's in King of Prussia and not the city.   This visit should help us better gage where Mercy truly is developmentally.

We also have early intervention coming to our house on June 25th.  We are asking for prayer because we are desiring a vision expert from the Overbrook School for the Blind to come with our service coordinator. We know Mercy is going to need vision assistance, and we need assistance in learning how to best help her. The school requires an ophthalmologist report in order to send someone, but we don't see the ophthalmologist until the end of July.  Our pediatrician wrote a letter stating that Mercy's vision impairment is part of her genetic condition and requested they send someone.  Pray they will accept our pediatricians letter without an ophthalmologist report and that we can meet with a vision expert the same day that early intervention is here.

Now that the kids are home everyday we have seen great strides in sibling bonding.  Mercy has really taken to all three and it has made a world of difference for me.  They all love to play with her and for the most part are more then willing to step in and occupy her if I need to get something done.  As she is bonding better with them she is more content to be entertained by them for longer stretches of time. I love watching them dote on her and she soaks in their attention like a sponge.

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  1. Heh. Easy button. Wish they had one of those for DINNERS around here :)