Monday, October 21, 2013

Two Year Old "Extreme Tantrum" Edition

Today was appointment #2 with CHOP Ophthalmology.  It was a traffic fighting morning on the way, but Mercy did great in the car.  It was once we got into the patient room that she decided to put her grumpy on and well see for yourself...

Tantrum #1

And she's getting back up

Nope, she's down again

Refusing to sit on Daddy's lap

If I can't see you, you can't see me.

Head tilts up, "Is mommy still looking at me?"

Oh Good, now back to my fit!

I will not cooperate

You cannot make me wear my glasses and take your test, so there.




I will drink my cup with an attitude and I won't look at anyone.

I will hold the water in my mouth and spit it on you when you make me mad.

Who needs glasses anyway?

You might make me sit on the chair, but I will not look up!

And back down she goes.

The End!

This may be one of my favorite posts to taunt her with when she is older.  On a medical note, she doesn't need to go back until next July.  Her vision is no longer (probably never was) 20/190, but is now stated to be 20/400.  The reality is that with Albinism numbers mean very little, and we know she is living life loud and her vision doesn't hinder her.  There is still talk of a future surgery to correct her head tilt, but nothing we need to worry about for a couple more years, in the meantime we pray.  Hope you found this post as funny as we did! 


  1. Ahhh that's so funny. She's still adorable even mad though. Phoebe is 20/400 as well so if you have any questions she is 9 and we could ask her. But really our girl is the same, you would never guess her eyesight is so bad. Living life to the fullest:)

  2. Oh, we have got our fair share of attitude and tantrums here lately too. The new word in the last three weeks is "No." And just this week, "Mine." FUN times :)

  3. Well she's still cute even when throwing fit! :) I've been re-reading all your posts. Your blog is a great resource (and now entertainment) to me.

  4. You can contact me any time and I will try to answer questions for you! Anytime!!!! Especially as you get ready to travel. I have packing lists I can email you.

  5. Look on the bright side: at least she didn't pull up her shirt to spite you. : )

    1. Sherri, actually she DID!!! And I have a picture too, just didn't find it appropriate to share here :0).

  6. Oh my goodness, my daughter did the same thing after we brought her home. She sits like a lady now and does whatever they tell her to do. It will get easier. BTW I have noticed that scrips that were filled during tantrums never work. Brooke's scripts actually could vary from - to + depending on the severity of the tantrum. Sheri Brown

  7. After dealing with tantrums the past couple days, its nice to remember we're not in this alone. Good timing!

    1. That's too funny Brian! Your family has been on my mind a ton these past few weeks. I keep meaning to email. I will get to it, sooner or later! :0)

  8. This was so funny! I love the drinking with an attitude picture. This reminded me of a very similar scene at CHOP Audiology years ago. Fun times! ;)

  9. Oh my gosh, too funny! Leah hates doctors too, and fights them off like a hard core fighter, but her tantrums while they happen, are short lived and happen here and there.
    Our girl is pretty funny too and a big time cuddler and a grabber of mama and daddy's hand. I held her all day today and not even so much as a whimper. But take her to any drs office and our sweet girl will flip! So much like her mama too, while I handle procedures, pain, and surgeries like a minor inconvenience, being trapped in a hospital will make me want to go A-wall even If it means I got to hold my c-section scar closed with a paper hate hospitals, drs and the like! You go Mercy, make those medical professionals work for their money! :-). I don't know you, but boy do you make me proud!!!!!:-):-)

    Lisa, Leah and our 3 guys!