Monday, February 20, 2012

All God's Children International

So why All God's Children International(AGCI)? Well we actually started with Bethany Christian Services. We went to Bethany's orientation class and that is where we realized International Adoption was probably going to be the path for us. After coming home I spent time googeling different adoption blogs and YouTube videos of peoples "gotcha days" (this is adoption lingo for the day your child becomes yours forever). Most of the videos I stumbled on happened to be with the agency AGCI. Having never heard of them before I went to their website and requested an information packet. It came, and so did a follow-up call from one of their employees. As we spent some time praying about which agency to use Scott had gone to a men's prayer gathering one Friday morning. It turned out to only be him and one other guy that day. As they talked Scott was sharing our need for prayer about choosing an adoption agency. As he shared the two we were considering this friend shared that they had actually used AGCI to adopt their daughter. After hearing their testimony, and having a sense of peace in our heart we decided to apply with AGCI. I just want to go on record and say that we found absolutely nothing wrong with Bethany, as a matter of fact we know many families who have adopted through Bethany and they came highly recommended to us as well. AGCI is just where we were lead and seemed to be the best agency for us.

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