Friday, March 23, 2012

Passports & Fingerprints

I am amazed how God is already providing in small ways for this adoption. I don't know why I'm amazed? You would think I would just expect it, but amazed I am. Yesterday I had to apply for my passport. When I set out to get my passport the fees should have totaled $115.00, this would be for pictures, service/application fee, and expediting fees. I spent $8.00. Yes I did say $8.00, and that means I saved a whopping $107.00!!! That excites me. I instantly thought of the little glass mason jar sitting on our windowsill with a verse from 1 Kings on it. I knew as I walked away from the post office yesterday God had begun providing. I will spare you of all the lengthy details on how this happened. However, if you ever want to know, just ask me. After all, I love to tell stories. So when I got home I wrote it all down on an index card and I stuck it into our mason jar so we never forget.

Today Scott and I went to a local police station to be fingerprinted. I must say I have never seen my kids sit so still and quiet for a hour and 15 mins. Yes, that is how long it took. It was a very strange process for me personally. I'm glad it's done and we can mail them off tomorrow to the FBI for our criminal background checks.

And this is how we have been spending the last couple weeks, a little paperwork here, a trip to a notary, a little paperwork there, a trip to the post office, a little more paperwork and visit to the police station. This is our season life for the moment. It's weird, but I'm actually enjoying it.

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