Saturday, September 29, 2012


I had knee surgery last Wed.  I thought my recovery would be a week or less.  That has not, nor is not going to be the case.  Actually my surgeon has assured me it will likely be 3-6 weeks.  I have struggled badly with this recovery, more mentally than physically.  My biggest problem is, I don't like being limited, and this is reminding just how limited I am.  I like being independent and I'm finding myself being completely dependent on my friends and family for many things.  I don't like to sit still, I prefer being busy and on the go, but here I sit, at home, all day long.

Here's the thing, and it's what drives me to post.  Because I thought this surgery would be less than a week recovery I made plans, lots of them, it was supposed to be a busy week.  I couldn't attend a field trip, go out for lunch with a friend, go shopping with my daughter on her day off from school, and I'm struggling to get ready for this Ladies Night Out event I'm hosting here on Sunday.  If I'm on my feet for too long my knee swells to the point of looking like I don't have knee.  If I'm up too long the pain, burning and throbbing kick in.  If I'm up too long I can barely walk.

How do you prepare your home for guests when  you are limited?  How do you clean, put things away on the first floor that belong on the seond floor or in the basement when you can't do steps?  How do you stand in the kitchen preparing food and cooking?  Well I wanted to share with you how.  You suck up your pride, admit your limitations and pray.  Here is what might happen if you do:

You will get three different emails from three different friends asking if they can bring something to eat for your party. 

You will get a phone call from another friend asking if she can make and bring something for the party and if she can stay and help you clean up.

You will get a text message from a friend asking if she can come help clean your house on Saturday.

You will get a phone call from a friend asking if she can make something to eat and then want to know if she can come help you clean on Friday night.  When you tell her you have a date night planned with your husband (because darling husband is trying to get you out of your misery) she will say, well I'll come clean your upstairs while your gone.  I'll vacuum, clean your bathroom and dust and  you enjoy your date.

You will get a call from one friend who is heading to Costco and wants to know if you need anything.  Then from another friend who is heading to Costco and Produce Junction and also wants to know if you need anything.

While chatting with a friend and sharing an idea for a gift basket give-a-way, this friend will offer to go out and buy everything you need to put it together and then show up at your house the next morning and actually make it for you.

You will get a call from a friend who offers to bring by some fall flowers and freshen up your front porch so when your guests arrive it's inviting.

All these friends, they are part of a body, it's called the body of Christ.  God is not limited by my limitations.  He loves and cares for me, and this is one of the many testimonies I could give as to how.  These women are doing this out of love for us, not just us but our future child too.  They support this adoption and care deeply for this little one already.  They are also doing it out of a love for their Savior.  They are precious in His sight, and precious in mine.

So if you attend Sunday night, please know I did nothing but sit around while some of the most amazing people I know did all the work for me. 

I do not want to embrace the limitation that my knee has caused, but I do want to embrace the limitless God who is greater than my limitation.


  1. Great post, oh simple friend, especially the ending. Love ya, tonight was amazing... so glad to be your friend. Becky