Monday, September 17, 2012

One "Sweet" Day

Today a dear friend drove me out to Harrisburg so that I could get our I797 (immigration approval) state sealed.  It's about 2 hours away, but she sacrificed her time so that I would not have to drive with my sprained ankle, and she was great company too.  Our daugthers had off from school today for Rosh Hashanah, so it was a girls day out.  We stopped on the way to the capital and picked up Scott's Aunt to guide our way and add to the great company.  It was a long drive for a 5 minute wait to get one document sealed. 

Michaela and Reilly

Then we headed straight to the FedEx office so I could overnight it to our agency.  It's funny that I have to send this document to Oregon so they can turn around and send it to Washington, DC, but that's how the process goes.  I had quite the ordeal making the photocopies I needed while at FedEx.  You would think I had never used a photocopier before.  From making copies in the wrong direction, to almost making 43 copies when I only need 3, it was quite funny to watch me figure out the copy machine.  When it was all said and done the shipping clerk, Nestor, says "Ma'am, you handed me this envelope and there's nothing in it, were you meaning to ship nothing?."  Would you belive I left the photocopies on the counter and filled out the shipment form, but never put anything in the envelope.  Thankfully this guy checked before sealing the package.  Too funny.

After we left FedEx, Scott's aunt took us to a place called The Sandwich Man for lunch.  This place had tons of character, the guy at the counter was a hoot to talk with, and the food was delicious.  No one could finish what they ordered because the portions were huge. 

After lunch we took Marilyn home and decided to make a quick stop at Hershey's Chocolate World.  You can't have a day off from school, be so close to chocolate and not stop, right?  We did the free tour ride and while walking out we were stopped by an employee who asked us a few questions about our age and the girls ages, whether or not we had food allergies and then offered us to take a survey that required trying chocolate samples.  HELLO, you don't have to ask twice.  Free chocolate, where do I sign.  So they took us into a room where we each sat in individual cubicles.  We were given a pack of crackers and a cup of water to cleanse our pallets.  Then we were each give an unidentified, packaged piece of chocolate with a number on it.  On the desktop in our cubby was an Ipad.  The Ipad had a series of questions to answer as you sampled the piece of candy.  When you were done, you were asked to eat more cracker, drink more water, and that's right sample more chocolate.  I think the girls said it best "That was AWESOME!"  Needless to say it made a long drive on their day off from school much more worth the trip and it made for quite the memory too.  It was a "sweet" day!


If you think of it our biggest prayer request now is to be DTC.  That stands for Dossier to Ch*na.  Now that everything on the US side for this adoption has been complete it's time to get the ball rolling in Ch*na. 

PS - I just want to note that while I was off having a sweet time in Hershey another great friend picked my boys up from school, took care of them and fed them dinner until I returned.  I'm so blessed!

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