Friday, November 30, 2012

A Match Made In Heaven

Today is the last day of National Adoption Month which has become a very special month in our hearts.  We could not find a better way to end it then to announce to you that we have been matched and have just become parents to a beautiful 20 month old little girl!!!

There is so much more to share, but it's going to take many posts to cover all that we have walked through in the past 72 hours.  For now our focus is on more paperwork, so please stay tuned.

We know this post is vague.  We long to share details about her and pictures of her with you, but are restricted from doing so until we have our "letter of acceptance" from Ch*na, which could be 2-3 months from now.  We respect this policy knowing it is in the best interest of and to protect our child.  However, if you see us around by all means stop us and ask to see her picture because we carry her picture with us everywhere we go and long for the day we can carry her everywhere we go.

Keep praying for us because our journey to her is far from over.


  1. I'll say it again. Yayayayayayayay! :) Not very original I know. But it's early. And I'm only 1/4 of the way through my first Tigger mug o' joe :)

  2. Oh Jane... this is such wonderful news to read this morning. PTL!

    I can't wait to see her. Maybe Jayne and her will be playmates...? ;)

  3. AMEN!!! Praising with you!!!!! Will continue to pray and eagerly anticipate seeing this little one!!!

  4. Congratulations Jane! So happy for you and your family. Can't wait to meet your new daughter!

  5. Praise the LORD!!! So happy for you all. I will be praying as you wait to hold her in your arms!!!