Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Orphange Address Mystery Solved

We have had a few hiccups in trying to locate an address and contact information for our daughter's orphanage.  It turns out she is located in an institute that seldom puts their orphans up for international adoption.  She is also living in a province that does very few adoptions.  So it is a pure mircale that she made it to the shared list. 

Our agency has been using every connection they have to try and get contact information for us.  I was getting pretty discouraged this morning as I received an email from our caseworker stating that there was little information because no one does adoptions from this orphange, city, or province.  She assured us we should not be alarmed that it is probably in a rural/remote area of Ch*na and could just be a small orphanage.  After reading her email I felt lead to ask for prayer.  It seemed like such a silly thing to ask people to pray that we would get the address to her orphanage, surely there are greater "needs" that people could be saying prayers for.  But we really did need this information for two reasons, one to complete our immigration approval and two so we could send her a care package.

I went ahead and sent an email to our care group, pastors and a few close friends.  About one hour later I received an email from our caseworker who said "Wow, that was fast."  Here she had received an email from a government official in Ch*na, who just hours before told her he could not help her.  In the email was the address, phone number and even a link to the orphanage's website.  Believe it or not they have a website!  You can't find them anywhere online if you google them, but they have a website.  The website actually has a few pictures posted so we got to see images of where she is living and a few faces of other children, and possibly some caretakers who reside there. 

I know without a doubt the Lord moved on this man's heart to dig further.  I know the prayers of our friends were helping us fight a battle that we couldn't face alone.  It's not that the Lord "needed" people to pray, He has always known exactly where our daughter is.  I think it's more like I "needed" to ask for prayer, one to remember the Lord is leading this journey, and two to remember we are not in this alone.  We have a great community of friends and a church family that will lift us up every single time we need it, even with small things like this, all we have to do is ask.

 Now we have what we need and can't wait to send our little girlie a Christmas package and continue on with paperwork to get us closer to bringing her home.

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