Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Beach Bum in the Making?

We took a day trip to the beach on Sunday.  We knew it could be "risky" not knowing how Mercy would respond.  We knew it would most likely be hard on her to be in the sun all day long and had know idea how she would handle that.  We knew it would most likely make her anxious to be in a completely new environment with new smells, new noises and unfamiliar scenery.  And we knew that it would most definitely be sensory overload.  So we started the day with an open mind, flexible heart, knowing that as quickly as we settled in, we might also be packing back up and heading home.  Why did we subject her to all of this?  Mostly for our other three loveys.  We enjoy the beach and usually spend a week there every year.  The kids were missing the sand, the ocean, boogie boarding and that wonderful ocean breeze.  It just didn't feel like summer was complete, and school was already back in session.  A day trip close by seemed "doable."

We did manage to make it through the entire day.  Scott and I juggled Mercy in our arms on and off, back and forth all day long.  Our kids saving grace was when she conked out drinking her bottle and ended up taking a three hour nap under the umbrella with that ocean breeze blowing her wispy hair.  Honestly, it was the perfect ending to a really great day.  The kids, Scott and I got our beach fix, and Mercy slept off the horror we subjected her too.

Mentally it was really great for Scott and I too.  We were told by many that we would be able to enjoy the beach despite her Albinism and sun sensitivity, but there were a few times this summer that left us wondering if that was true.  As far as the sun is concerned she did great.  It was more the the unfamiliarity and new senses that kept her cranky and fearful.  We lathered her up with sunblock a couple times during the day, put sunglasses on and kept a hat on her head (when she would let us) and when she wasn't down by the water we kept her under a beach umbrella.  It wasn't much different than what we have done for our other kids.  OK, maybe I worried a little more about sunburn, but she walked away from the entire day as white as when she started.

It was a great day for Scott, me and the kids.  It was a great day of making a new memory, now as a family of six.  However, I think it's safe to say Mercy mostly hated the beach.  We'll try again next year and hope she has a change of heart.

I'll let the pictures speak for Mercy.

OK, I did NOT like that!

Mommy please rescue me.

My favorite shot of the day. She is saying "Daddy you think you can put me in that water again? Well watch this trick!"

This one does make me feel a little sorry for her.

She sat in her chair like this as much as possible.  Everything tucked up tight and away from the sand.  Wouldn't even put her feet down.  She is checking out a seashell her sister gave her, but she wouldn't touch it because it had sand on it. 

Sleepy or traumatized, the verdict is still out.

Check out that wind blown hair!
Happy to be heading off the beach and away from that giant swimming pool my family calls an Ocean.  

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  1. Bwahahahahaha, so funny! Your narration of the events cracks me up! I'm sure she's forgiven you by now. Right?! :)