Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 4th is going to be busy day

Just wanted to give a quick update.  We have our second home study tomorrow morning, May 4th.  It's exciting but it falls on a crazy day as we also have our Spaghetti Dinner event tomorrow night.  It's going to be one busy day.

For those who are coming tomorrow night and have been confused as to what a Chinese Auction is, I wanted to clarify so you know what to expect.

It's really not an auction at all, but more of a raffle.  We will have a table set up with all kinds of goodies from gift certificates to gift baskets that will be raffled off.  You may purchase tickets, write your name on them and deposit them into a jar.  Each item will have it's own raffle jar, this way if there is a certain item that you really like you can put your raffle tickets in the jar to the prize you wish to win.  If you like several items, you can put a few of your raffle tickets in each items jar.  The more tickets you place in a jar, the more chances you have at winning.  The winner will be drawn at random, sometime during the evening.  The reason for this type of raffle is to help eliminate you winning something you didn't really want.  You only buy tickets for those items you like.  So that is what a Chineses auction is.  It's not really an "auction."  Hopefully that helps with any confusion.

We are very excited to be with so many of you tomorrow night. 

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