Thursday, June 14, 2012

Paperchasing Hold Up

It has been a long time since I updated so today seems like a really good day to catch you up.  Honestly I woke up this morning feeling very discouraged on the adoption front.  You see tomorrow marks one month since our home study has been complete, and one week (June 8th) since our deadline to have everything to our adoption agency.  The part of our home study that ended on May 15th was our part, the compiling of personal documents and having interviews with our agent.  It then became our home study agents job to write the home study.  We were told this would take 2-3 weeks, and it has now been four.  SIGH.  This is something more or less our of our control.  Part of the hold up is our agency and the other is the realization we are missing a document.  Scott needs to have a criminal record check done in the state of NY because he lived there while in college.  If you think of it please pray that his application would move quickly and we would get the report with a miraculous turn around time. 

I am beyond ready to put this paperchasing part of the adoption to rest.  It feels like it has been going on forever.  It can be really discouraging because some people seem to fly through this process and others, like us, move at a turtles pace.  The homestudy process normally takes 3 months to complete, we are now at four months.  I wanted to be the person who got it done in two.  HA! 

So if you have been wondering what our status is we are pretty much at the same place we were a month ago.  While ending the home study on May 15th seemed like a really exciting thing and I thought things would be moving forward we are at a stand still for the moment.

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  1. Will be praying about the record check, for your heart to be peaceful and your mind to be at rest. Remember He has this (Isaiah 41:8-10)!!