Thursday, June 14, 2012

Promotional Hope Opportunity

As most of you know adoption is very expensive.  We trust whole heartedly that God will provide for this adoption and to date we testify that He has been faithful.  Each step we have taken and had to make a payment for, God has provided the money needed.

We have been given a new opportunity to help raise funds for our adoption.  Nate and Jen LeSuer, a local family, have started a new website based business.  It is called Promotional  Hope.  They sell promotional products for businesses, churches, schools, personal items, or whatever else you may need.  You can visit the website by clicking here:  Promotional Hope.  The products vary from the following:

Apparel, Caps, and Hats
Automotive Accessories
Awards and Recognition
Backpacks, Bags, and Totes
Badges, Buttons, Magnets, and Stickers
Business, Desktop, and Office
Clocks and Watches
Computer Accessories
Diaries, Journals, and Notepads
Fitness, Health, and Safety
Food and Edibles
Games and Novelties
Home and Housewares
Luggage and Travel
Outdoors, Sports, and Leisure
Pocket and Purse Accessories
Writing Instruments

The best part about Promotional Hope is this family advocates adoption.  They have a little girl, Hayley, who they adopted in 2011.  Their mission for this company is to support other families who are adopting.  The best part is, in June, July or August, if you make a purchase from Promotional Hope a portion of the proceeds will go towards our adoption!!!  So whether you own a small business, work at a school, need something for your church or church function, even something for perosonal use, please consider purchasing from Promotional Hope.   You will not only be helping this family get their new business going you will also be helping with our adoption. 

You can check out the website by clicking here:  Promotional Hope

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