Saturday, June 23, 2012

URGENT Prayer Request (Updated 6/27)

7/9/12 - Just in case you want to continue following the Moghadams adoption journey, here is a link to their blog:  Moghadams Adoption Journey.  They are still awaiting the final adoption of their 4 children in Ghana and bringing them home.  They could still use much prayer.

Here is the most recent update on the Moghadams:  Moghadams Update #3

They have now been reunited and given the approval for their adopted children.  However, they remain in Ghana waiting for visas for their 4 adoptees.  Keep praying them home!

Here is an update to the Moghadams:  Moghadams Update #2

As you can see they have been released from jail and reunited with their two biological sons.  However, they still need prayer as they have not been reunited with their adopted children.  Please pray the government reviews their adoption paperwork and finds no fault and these orphan children can be reunited and join the Moghadam family permanently, and that they can ALL return to the US.

Please pray for a family, Sol and Christine Moghadams, currenlty in Ghana.  They are there to adopt a sibling group of four.  They have been arrested for child trafficking and are currently being held in jail.  They had their two biological sons with them (ages 4 and 6), plus the four children they were adopting.  All six children have been taken to a government orphanage.  This family needs intercession.  They had all of their legal paperwork to adopt these children with them and these charges are false accusations. 

Please if you are reading this lift this family up in prayer.  The US Embassy and all necessary goverment officials and authorities are involved, but the latest update is still that this couple is being detained, and still separated from their children.

You can check out their adoption video here:  Sol and Christine Moghadams

There blog does not have any info on it, but you can get updates on Facebook here:  Orphan Justice Center

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