Tuesday, August 28, 2012

USCIS Fingerprints Complete

We headed to Philadelphia with a few extra kids in tow (our beautiful nieces), and got our USCIS Fingerprints taken.  They were excited to "help" with the adoption of their new little cousin.  Courtney, the 5 year old blond pictured above, thought we would be coming home with our child.  So when we left with only a piece of paper she was a bit confused and wanted to know where her new cousin was.  Too funny! 

Last week while on vacation we also had our referral orientation phone call.  We spent time on the phone with Emily from our adoption agency who shared things we can expect as we enter the referral phase of the adoption.  We gained a little more insight on bonding and attachment issues that will rise up.  Notice I said WILL and not MIGHT.   It was all very thought provoking stuff and has spurred us on to pray even more for our little one. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our home study is finalized and approved!

Last Thursday the kids and I drove to Living Hope and picked up our approved and notarized Home Study.  Whoot-whoot!  I had been filling out our I800A form periodically throughout the week knowing this day was quickly approaching.  Scott helped me complete the I800A form on Thursday night, wrote the check and Friday morning he and the boys took it to the UPS store and mailed it off to the US Citizenship and Immagration Services department (USCIS).  Another copy of our home study is on it's way to Harrisburg to be state sealed. 
What does all this mean and why?  The I800A is the first form to be completed to start the international adoption process in order to adopt a child who lives within a Hague Convention Country, in our case China.  We need immigration to determine whether or not we are elibible to adopt internationally.  Simply stated, it's more of proving we are who we say we are and we meet the requirements to adopt internationally from our proposed country.