Friday, February 14, 2014

Mercy's First Valentine's Day

We have a few Valentine Day traditions at our house that we couldn't wait to share with Mercy this year. Sure it's a "Hallmark" holiday, totally man made, totally a money-making kind of day.  But it's still a celebration of love, and who doesn't want to celebrate that? 

Making silly faces with her brother, who loves her very much.

Receiving her very first flower from her Daddy.

He is smitten with her!

Pink, heart shaped pancakes made with love by her big sister.


Chinese New Year

A little past the day, but wanted to post a few pictures of Mercy celebrating her first Chinese New Year with us.  We attended a luncheon hosted by Living Hope Adoption Agency.  They are the agency that did our home study as well as does our post-adoption follow-up visits and reports.  They had it in a banquet hall with a Chinese buffet and brought in some Chinese Dancers. 

Mercy with her little friend Brynna

Mercy reading a Chinese New Year book from her friend Brynna.