Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Christmas

Mercy's First Christmas 

First Christmas Tree outing

First time seeing Christmas tree lights

First time on a ladder (sorry, couldn't resist making this one public)

First Ornament

First Christmas Tree group photo (notice how happy she is about it)

First time on a sled, very unsure about this

First Snowfall, not a fan
It has been a long standing tradition for many years that we eat Chinese on Christmas Eve.  This is her first time though.  We never knew when we started this tradition that so many years later China would hold such a special place in our hearts.

First Christmas Eve gift (PJ's)

First Christmas Morning wait

First Christmas stocking

First Christmas morning sticky bun.  YUM!!!

First time hearing Jesus birth read from the book of Luke

First present

Just because

First birthday cake for Jesus
And let's not forget her first New Year's Eve!  

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year celebrating our Savior's birth 
and celebrating Mercy's First Christmas with us.