Monday, May 26, 2014

Mini Golf

I am posting Mercy's first time mini-golfing.  I have two reasons for such a simple post.  One is because my oldest daughter took lots of great pictures and I wanted to share them.  My second is because I not only want to share life from an adoption stand point, but to also share life with a child who has Albinism.  I want anyone who is considering adoption to see that life is normal (well if there is such a thing).  There really isn't much that our little girl won't try and most times doesn't succeed at.  I have had the privilege of sharing with a few prospective families in the past year who were considering a child with Albinism.  I want to be open here too so that if someone is searching the internet and stumbles across our blog they will see first hand what our precious little girl can do.

She loved mini-golfing for the first nine holes, after that the novelty wore off and she got bored (totally an age thing). She could not see the hole from the putter point, but as she seemed to catch on quickly that she just needed to swing at the ball and send it somewhere down the green.  That became her goal.  Eventually tse would get close of enough to the hole that she could sink it.  We chose a yellow ball for her figuring it would have the highest contrast, plus it happens to be her favorite color at the moment.  She did great and we had fun.  She over shot the ball pretty often but we simply didn't count those against her.  That may be partially a vision thing, partially an age thing and partially just normal, because we all do it at one time or another.


  1. Fun!! Glad to see everyone enjoying themselves.

  2. Wow Jane, I pray the day our Leah can do any type of mini golf, she is athletic naturally but still way way delayed at nearly 4. She still isnt talking at all 9 months later, only babbling, shes got a very long road ahead of her. She is an easy child but not at all progressing the way Mercy is. To even take a picture of her, super hard and simple fun things scare her into oblivion, poor girl. Seeing Mercy thrive is awesome to watch, hopeful Leah will someday catch up too. Love your pics if all four kids, so precious!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. We are one of those families who have stumbled across your blog as we are considering adopting a little girl with albinism. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

    1. Thanks for commenting. Sometimes I wish I had kept writing so families like you could see even now how life is, but as time went on it also became busy. And, I began feeling a burden to protect her story. Please contact me through Facebook, if you have any questions! Also, there is a Facebook group for Prospective Adoptive Families of Albinism. It's a great resource. Best of luck with your adoption!