Saturday, May 10, 2014

She calls me Mommy.

Mercy calls me mommy.  This is a new thing.  From the day we met her until just recently I have always been Mama.  While it was a word she used to recognize me as a Mama in her life there was always a lack of endearment.  Why?  Because I knew that she called every other caretaker in China Mama too.  That is what Chinese orphan children call those special ladies that meet there needs from day to day.  So I was just another Mama to her.  So the first time she called me mommy my heart melted.  (Actually she calls me "Money.")  But I know what she is trying to say and I will take it!!!  I know there is a difference in her calling me mama verses mommy.  It may seem strange to many, but I really believe in my heart she is recognizing in some way that when my other kids call me mommy there is something different in that word and so she now calls me "Money" too.

The other night she woke up around midnight crying.  It was most likely a nightmare.  We have had the same scenario countless times before.  But as she cried she called out "Money, Money."  (deep sigh).  As I went into her room to comfort her and assure her mommy was still here and hugged her she took a hold of hand and said "Money pray."  This girl never ceases to amaze us.  She finds comfort in praying when she is scared, at three years old!  Her heart of worship, her heart seeking her Heavenly Daddy changes me for the better.  She's such a gift, our little Mercy girl, such a sweet and precious gift.

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