Monday, May 20, 2013

A Gloomy Day in China

It's been another hard day here in China.  We woke up this morning to the sad news that our best friends father passed away.  Charlie Mellinger has been a part of our life for over 17 years now and we are going to miss him very much.  He has seen each of our children enter our family and it makes us so sad that Mercy will not meet him.  Charlie always made us and our kids feel like part of the family.  I loved watching him interact with his grandchildren at birthday parties and family gatherings.  He was a wonderful grand-dad.  I will miss running all my germ-a-phobia thoughts passed Charlie and getting his medical expertise or watching him roll his eyes as he listened to my neurotic concerns about various illnesses.  I'll never forget the time Michaela fell at her birthday party and thought she broke her arm.  I just wasn't sure and when Charlie showed up, he took a look at it and looked me in the eye and said "you better have it looked at I think it's broke."  I will miss sitting at the kitchen table and talking with him, repeating myself with every "eh" when he didn't hear what I said.  I will miss the big guy, but I know that his presence will still be felt because each of his sons in one way or another have part of their dad in them.  You were a great man Charlie Mellinger and you raised some great boys and I'm sad to see you go and look forward to seeing you again.  Have fun at your heavenly welcome home party.  I hope it includes lots of ice cream for you, but save some chocolate for me.  I hope you find peace sitting at Jesus feet, enjoying your eternal home.  Love ya big guy!

Besides hearing of Charlie's passing, Mercy continues to battle an ear infection.  She has been running a fever for two days straight now.  She is fussy, sometimes inconsolable, and isn't eating very much.  She wouldn't nap today, which just made Miss Cranky Pants all the more cranky.  We were hoping to get out, but instead found ourselves stuck in the hotel room again.  While this hotel room is very luxurious, we still have cabin fever and would like a break for the four wall confinement.  It poured in Guangzhou today, seriously heavy rain fall and some pretty booming thunder and massive lighting too.  It's rained just about every single day since we got here.  It makes things pretty depressing, I long for bright sunshine, but am not convinced I will see the sight of the sun while we're here.  It was so hot again which makes it that much harder to get out and do something.  We did walk down to a local mall because we needed more diapers and wipes.  Mercy hates the stroller, so she screamed and cried, kicked her legs out and hung herself over the side as we walked along.  As if her appearance alone doesn't attract enough attention, add a screaming white haired-baby to the the mix and ALL eyes turn our way.  She finally got her way and we took turns carrying her.

We are so ready to come home.  While we dread the long flight it will take to get there, we are ready.  This week needs to fly by because we are going stir-crazy.  Pray the antibiotics kick in quickly and Mercy begins feeling better.  We need to get out of this hotel and make the time go by faster than it feels right now.

Here are a few pictures for you viewing pleasure because I don't want to leave you with a depressing, down beat blog post.  So enjoy.

One of the times she passed out from overstimulation.
Mercy playing with a book the Frank Family made her for the trip.
Crying in the stroller. 
Sleeping on daddy while sick.  This was late last night after fighting our comfort all day.
She finally gave in and what a relief that was.
A smile this morning after a cool bath to try and bring her fever down.
One of the few smiles we got today. 
This is a courtyard in our hotel.  It is beautiful and we get to enjoy it's scenery every morning at breakfast.
Taking a walk, trying to pass the time.
We love this girl!!!
Green Tea Truffle (Tricia, not as good as yours!!!)
Who says Chinese can't do dessert?
Chocolate Raspberry Torte and Lime Mocha Chip Cheesecake
One way to get a toy that is behind you.
Future Gymnast
Buddha Belly


  1. Ahh sorry for your loss and the hard time you are having there. Prayers for Mercy's ears and soon, very soon you will be home. We HAVE to meet you, you know:) Once you are home and all settled for a bit.
    Hugs, this will soon be a memory, you will be HOME with your treasure.

    1. Yes Vickie!!! I think Brenda and I will have to take a trip and meet you somewhere in the middle. Or sometime when my family is traveling to Somerset we will have to let you know and meet up with you somewhere. I know we will most likely being going sometime in July.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's passing. I know you must really be sad.

    And I'm so sorry about the ear infection. Is she taking the meds okay for it? How's she tolerating the tylenol and motrin now? I'm sure the hotel feels like old news now that you've been "stuck" in. I thought you were at the China, but it looks like The Garden. I have heard good things about it - but it's still not home :(

    Will be praying for you - still praying for you really. :) When is the Consulate Appointment for you guys? And what day are you flying out?

    HUGS from Lansdale :)

    1. She is taking the Tylenol a little better. Our CA is Wed, we depart on Friday.

  3. That dessert...yum!

    Trying to sneak a closer look at that cloth book. Amy told me that makes them. It looks great!