Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gotcha Day Pictures

Gotcha Day Pictures

Orphanage Fee counted and ready to go
Crib ready to be filled.

Speed Train

Ready to go

Mercy entering the room with her nanny.

The first time she is in my arms!

First family picture (minus her siblings)

Checking Daddy out

Enjoying a banana with Daddy's help
Getting sleepy

Drifting to sleep after a hard morning

Sound asleep in mommy's arms.

This young woman grew up in the orphanage and now serves there.  She is twenty years old and as sweet as can be.  She has such a deep love for Mercy and was in tears to have to say goodbye.

Getting ready to leave

Where she was found.
Family photo in front of orphanage.

Two ladies on left are nannies, gentleman is head of orphanage, next to me on the other side is another nanny, our guide Rocky and the orphanage director.

Entrance to orphanage
Front of orphanage

Still sleeping, but now at restaurant.


Eggshells painted for decoration

A very strange fish.  (Yes, Anne Kelly I did eat it!!!)

Our very happy and ticklish little girl

Sweetest smile!!!

Mercy's nanny having trouble saying goodbye.  This woman will always hold a very dear place in my heart!

Walking to train station, asleep in Daddy's arms.

Two very tired people.

There are no words!!!  She is positively precious!!!

Entertaining a wiggle worm while continuing to wait for the train.

Back at the hotel and ready for bed.


  1. Congrats Miller Family! Thanks for the great photos. Continue to try and enjoy the trip and the culture. You are out of your comfort zone and great experiences can happen when you embrace it. Food and water is safer than years ago. We ate at mom and pop places, in peoples homes, fresh fruit and lettuce and were fine. Beijing has the worst air in China. Hopefully it will get windy and you'll get a clear day/cleaner air. Give Mercy a hug for me. kim

  2. Oh!!!!! I can't get enough. She is beautiful. And precious. I am crying at the pics of her in your arms. Praying for you all, for sweet peace and bonding, and joy between you.

  3. Oh my goodness... I can't stop crying. Tears of joy for you. with you!

    She is so beautiful; so perfect for your family..

    1. Thank you for the wonderful pictures.We have looked at them a thousand times. We love them. Eva can't wait to give her a big hug.

  4. Wonderful! Soak up every second.

  5. So very thankful that this part of your journey has concluded. You have your daughter!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!!

    CAN'T WAIT to meet her, but I'll wait my turn. Now we have a new addition to our breakfasts. ;)

    1. I'm thinking we won't get any privacy because all the "old" ladies will vie for her attention. lol

  6. I can see the grace of God being poured out in abundance in every picture. The Lord is with you, blessing you and holding Mercy close. Praise be to our Father of the fatherless who places orphans in families. So full of joy for you!!

  7. Christine HamakerMay 14, 2013 at 1:59 PM

    Tears are running down my cheeks! Such a precious little girl! I love the ones where she is staring at her new parents' faces. So thankful for God's mercy for Mercy. He is so good! Praying that you will have peaceful days and nights, and that the rest of the trip will go by quickly so that you can come home and we can all meet this special little girl. Love to you all, Christine

  8. My sister and I both could not stop crying when we look at these pictures, especially my sister who is overwhelmed by your love toward Mercy. These are tender and precious moments, which will be treasured forever.
    I am also so glad that you did make to XingTai, and were able to meet Mercy's Nannies, and get to see her orphanage, which was a miracle itself. Our Lord is good. I cannot wait to hear how the Lord has worked everything out for you. It looks like you only take the trip to XingTai, and you did not even go to ShiJiaZhuang, correct? Also you only made one trip to XingTai instead of two, right? Our Lord is so mindful of us, it is amazing!!
    From Catherine M.