Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An explosion in China

Mercy slept through the night again.  She was a little hesitant for Scott to put her down but he stayed by her crib until she was asleep.  She would drift off, then open her eyes and see him and close them again and so on until she fell asleep for the night.

This morning when she woke up she was unusually snugly. I laid in bed with her and she buried her head in my chest, at one point her body went limp and she just laid there calm, relaxed with her ear right up against my beating heart.  Tears flowed down my cheeks as I silently cried out to The Lord that she would know and trust that heartbeat is for her, that my heart races with love for her.  If there were reports of an earthquake in China no worries, it was just my heart exploding for this precious child!!!

I had a flashback to those moments  when my other kids were born and right after the midwife put them on my chest.  I'd like to think this was a similar type of moment.


  1. Absolutely the sweetest moment on earth... holding those precious babies close.... So glad you got this moment with Mercy too. God is good. Love, Becky and clan

  2. Oh Jane, I am speechless, but filled with tears of joy for you and Scott. How wonderful to have precious moments like that to cherish in your hearts! God is so faithful . . . Love, Gail

  3. I'm reading your posts (catching up!) backwards. I felt I wanted to comment here what I was thinking on "getting to know our girl"... you said something there, at the end of your post, about how going through a couple of pretty hard, overwhelming, gross moments, days etc. only to -in a moment- know and realize (when you saw her for the first time) how worth the wait was...

    Along with this post - your last paragraph...

    I would like to say that hard moment - was like your childbirth moment and now all that is gone.

    and the joy of this snuggly moment, her stilling long and feeling your heart beats for her. :)

    Love it.

  4. Love this.... What a beautiful word picture. I can just picture it now and am tearing up with you. CanNOT wait to get these girls together to play while we sit and cry together at our blessings!