Friday, May 10, 2013

Still parting waters today.

Matthew often wishes that he could witness miracles like in the Old Testament.  He wants to see a burning bush speak, water turned into wine, a paralytic healed or an entire sea parted in two.  Tonight I shared with him how I believe he is about to witness a miracle of Old Testament times, but his eyes have to be truly open to see it.  I believe the Lord IS parting the waters, right before our very eyes.  The reality is there is an entire ocean that separates us from Mercy.  When we are in Ch*na and we have her and it is time to bring her home the Pacific Ocean is a huge expanse of water separating us in Ch*na from everyone we know here at home in the US.  We may not stand on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and wait for the Lord to split the water in two and provide a path to cross, but He is still "splitting the water in two" when we board that plane to fly over.  Do you see it?  It's the same miracle!!!  That body of water is a barrier and the Lord has provided a way through it, or in our case over it.  Just as the Israelites fled for Freedom through the red sea, Mercy will fly for her freedom here in her new home with her new family, and God is guiding it and He has provided for it.

It was a teary night here.  We went out to dinner with the kids and my mom.  We reflected on each of our kids and the first moment they joined our family.  We talked about each one of them, their delivery, how they were as a baby what they have brought to our family.  We pondered what Mercy has already brought to our family and wondered about what else is in store. We went to Rita's for dessert and then came home and spent time praying together.  The kids prayers started my tears, my tears started Matthew's tears (we are the emotional ones in the family), and we hugged and kissed...ALOT.  My heart is so full.  My kids are great and they are so ready for this and their prayers reflected that.  They don't want to be away from mom and dad for two weeks, but they are willing to make the sacrifice because they want their little sister home.

I know that Gotcha Day is going to be amazing.  Even if it's hard, horrible or she hates us, it will be amazing.  But what is going to be even more amazing is May 24th.  That is the day we will step off the plane with Mercy in our arms and our three other children will be awaiting that arrival.  That friends, for me is going to be a glorious day!  All four of my kids in the same place at the same moment in time.  That is the moment I truly cannot wait for!

Last picture as a family of five.  (if we look tired to you it's because WE ARE)

Yes Mercy, these are the siblings God has chosen for you.  Their silliness will rub off on you soon enough!

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  1. oh, now you have me in tears...

    Love to all and peace be in and around your family as you're together in spirit but absent from each other for a little while...

    You're in our thoughts and prayers.