Saturday, May 25, 2013

Officially Parting Waters

This was the big day.  The day that the big body of water would separate her birth country from her home country.  The day the Lord would "part the waters" to bring her home to the land of the free.

For those who have been praying I want you to know that our flight home was nothing short of a miracle.  As we stood in line at the Hong Kong airport Mercy was melting down.  She cried, flailed in Scott's arms, laid on the airport floor kicking and screaming.  We were gawked at by others standing in line.  I wanted to say "Why yes, yes we are boarding the same plan as you.  Would you like a sleeping pill, my noise cancelling headphones, an upgrade to first class because we'll be in the back?"  Well I have to tell you all that once we boarded that plan and buckled her in her seat Mercy was as content as could be.  She was quiet, happy most of the time and when we touched down in Newark and were getting off the plane we had several people comment about her.  One asked what our "tricks" were because they couldn't believe how quiet she was.  A couple of the airline stewards made comments about her not making a single peep or never having a baby make that long flight without a meltdown.  She really did amazing and I know many of you were praying a spirit of content over her, well God answered!

Here are the pictures of our flight home:

Books and snacks are always a good thing.

Nap time
This will be one of my favorite pictures.  She is listening to Les Miserable.   Yes, she is only two, but she LOVES music and it kept her entertained.  Go ahead, judge me!
She slept from 9pm until we had to wake her up just before landing.

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