Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A letter to Mercy

I received the following letter written to Mercy.  Of course, it has been its own source of encouragement to me.  I am sharing it because it is is just to beautiful not to share, and I want it in our blog for her in the future.  I could not be more blessed with the most amazing group of friends and this is only one of the many!  Grab your tissues for this, you're gonna need them!

"Dear Mercy, I'm guessing things are a bit confusing to you right now, but Child, I can promise you that you are exactly where God wants you! He loves you so much that He gave you parents who loved you and wanted to make sure you were cared for when they could not care for you. He blessed you with people at the orphanage who love you deeply and want the best for you. And now He has sent you a new mommy and daddy and 3 siblings (who you'll meet very soon) to love you forever!! This is the love of a Father for His child. And now you are beginning to get to know this family. It may be a difficult transition at times, but I can confidently tell you, Baby Girl, that your family loves you!! I pray that you come to know and receive their love for you quickly. Saying goodbye to the only family you've known will be sad and difficult and painful, but I trust that The Lord is building in your heart a love for Mommy and Daddy even now. I'm praying for you, Baby Girl, that through your mommy and daddy and sister and brothers, you will come to know and receive the love of your Heavenly Father  who has loved you since before the world was created!! God is in this, and while it may not always be easy, I can assure you it will be good!!!! I'm praying for you and Mommy and Daddy, for all the folks at the orphanage, and for the government officials, that everyone sees and knows that God is the One working everything out. He has ordained this. He will bring it to pass. Praying that He will make the crooked places straight and work out all the kinks, that everything go according to His plan, and that you will all return home safely. Baby Girl, there are a lot of us who just can't wait to meet you and pour out the love on you that's been building in our hearts for many months. Love you already!!! Annie
PS-Would you do me a favor and flash that sweet smile at Mommy and Daddy at random times to reassure their hearts that you're okay, you trust them, and you're happy to be with them?? Thanks, Baby Girl!! See ya soon;)"

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. What a beautiful letter. What a treasure. Love that Annie ;)