Thursday, May 30, 2013

One baby step at a time

Wanted to give you a progress report.  If you have read the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp then you will get this.  If not, then you really should read the book! 

I have spent the past few days noting the "simple" things to be thankful for, the small steps of change or just the simple things in life.  It is amazing how much life comes from the verse "a thankful heart is a happy heart, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." 

So here are a few milestones from the past three days...

Monday afternoon Mercy walked about six steps before falling.
Monday afternoon Mercy sat in the stroller for a short walk without fussing AND she kept her sunglasses on.
Monday evening friends brought us a yummy dinner on a day when cereal boxes would have been placed on the table.
Monday night Mercy was only up twice.
Tuesday Scott went back to work and the kids got off to school without any glitches.
Tuesday Mercy had her first of many doctor appointments.  This was with our regular pediatrician to follow up on her ear infection.  Her ear is fully healed!!!  And our doctor was beyond elated at seeing Mercy in person and five times the words "she is amazing" came out of her mouth (I already know this, but glad to see the doctor agrees).  She also said she is "smart as a whip."  (I know this too)
Tuesday Mercy had her first of many blood draws.  I can't say enough about the ladies who work at Quest Lab in Harleysville.  They handled her great, she screamed and I got to come in with my Mrs. Incredible cape on and be the rescuing hero when it was all done.  She smiled at me and put her head on my shoulder and her screams and tears settled quickly.
Tuesday we both took a nap!  Two hours to be exact!!!
Tuesday night she struggled to fall asleep, but only woke up ONE time in the middle of the night.
Wednesday I made it to my boys field day for a short visit to snap a few pictures.
Wednesday night another delicious meal delivered that I didn't have to prepare or cook.
Wednesday night I got out of the house for 1 1/2 hours to help Michaela find a dress for her Youth Formal.  Mercy did cry often for Scott, but nothing he couldn't tolerate or handle.
Wednesday night she struggled to fall asleep, but again only woke up one time.  When I hugged her and said "I'm right here" she laid back down and went right back to sleep!!!

So there you go, much to be thankful for!  She is also beginning to take more to her siblings.  She hugs Matthew just about any time he asks her too.  She is letting Michaela hold her a bit and she laughs at Mason, who by the way is taking on his role of big brother extremely well.  He has even made it his job to buckle and unbuckle her in her car seat and he does it with the most proud of smiles on his big brother face.

All in all I want you to know that even though sleep is disrupted, things are going very well all things considered.  I also want you to know that Mercy is such a sweet little girl.  She may struggle at night, but day time she is just one amazing kid.  She is full of personality when she isn't overwhelmed, and she is the most happy smiley little girl.  She is still 100% clingy.  I cannot leave the room without her screaming.  I have gotten her to sit across from me while playing, but more times than not she crawls up on my lap and wants to be held.  So nothing much gets done at home, but I know it's only a season.

Thanks for continuing to pray!


  1. I'm right here with you - in a season - Jayne isn't feeling her best right now...and, in fact, i'm holding her right now typing one handed.

    this is good reading these encouraging updates on Mercy.

    BTW: Love that book. All the way..

  2. Great update. And I am with ya on the "nothing much gets done at home" - on the days that we are home (and not at the myriad of dr. appts), Miss B is fit to be tied at having to play alone. So disgruntled and clingy too. But I know I only have this short time alone with her like this so I'm trying (TRYing) to cherish it and not be frustrated. Can't wait to sit and chat and visit. Hugs to you... well, a one-handed hug, anyway :)

  3. Tears- so happy to hear. I am just catching up and Iam thrilled there is progress. Joy is in the little things.