Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Sweet Life...

I didn't want to bore you with all the pictures of China without doing a last day post of our little China Doll.  She has been SO MUCH better today.  I don't even think she has cried but one time when we first put her in the stroller.  She is back to what we hope is her usual self.

She slept through most of our sightseeing today, and has spent the afternoon contently playing in our hotel room while we pack.  She has also found and tried a few exciting and new things today.

On our last night here I thought I would spend some time reflecting on how much Mercy has changed in a little less than two weeks time.

She came to us barley able to crawl and now she is cruising all over the place.
She could not stand up or stand by herself.  Not only can she stand herself up from a squatting position and stay standing alone, but she has also attempted the challenge of taking a few steps.
She says mama, dada, and uh-oh very clearly.
She had never drinken from a cup or straw, but has mastered both.
She had learned how to blow bubbles, or at least she has the blowing part down.
She has learned how to turn pages of a book.  The first time we gave her book it was very obvious she had never touched or seen one before.
Some of her newly learned tricks would include:  stacking blocks, giving kisses, giving a high-five, taking her socks, shoes and shirt off, and shaking her head no.
She has conquered her fear of short-sleeves!  (just for you Bevy :)
She is signing more, please and all done.

This girl has come a long way in a very short period of time.  We are watching a baby turn into a toddler at lightning speed and it's such an awesome thing to witness.

Here are a few pictures to wet your appetite for her homecoming on Friday.  Speaking of Friday we are hoping that many of you are free to greet us in our front yard when we pull up around 5:00 - 5:30pm Friday!

Everyday we attempt the sunglasses...

Everyday we get them on her face...
Everyday she takes them off faster then we put them on.
Notice the smirk of success.

Snuggle time in the van.

Oh Mercy, if you would only keep those sunglasses on this wouldn't happen.

I don't know who is more tired?

Sleeping Beauty

Playtime back at the hotel.  She has really taken off in the crawling department.

We found a way to get her standing.  Put food out on the table and the girl is up on two feet in no time!
Stretching for something yummy, notice the tongue sticking out?

Ahhh,  I found an apple slice within reach!
Never mind, I don't like the apple.

Hmmm, now what's that I see on the table?

Starbucks?  Sure I'll give it a try...

OK, now we're talking! 

More please!

Then she found a pack of Oreos that her daddy had been eating, but set down.

Oh yeah, that's good!

Playing bubbles with mommy.

All that leg strengthening I did today to get food is really paying off.
Look I'm standing all by myself!!!


  1. And don't forget the short sleeve shirts... no sleeves. Wow..

    You go girl!

    Jane and Scott - the two of your are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overly remarkable in your faith and inspiration. Your prayers ... answered, repeatedly. It's just been so encouraging to hear of all these stories and in turn give Glory to our Sovereign Lord.

    Praying for you - as your flight is homeward bound.

    1. Bevy, you are kind. We are sinful, selfish, proud and we find ourselves amazed that we actually obeyed God's called which is not like us. And we are so thankful God didn't give up on us as it took us sooooo long to get on board with this. It truly is one of the most amazing, most blessed, most faith-building adventures we have embarked on to date. And the reward, our sweet Mercy, well I have never felt more undeserving. I have walked this out in nothing but fear, doubt and unbelief, it is ONLY by God's grace that we have gotten where we are and it's His grace that will bring us home tomorrow and will continue to graft her into our family...with our kids, our extended family and our church family. As for the answered prayers, I do believe that the folks at home have carried us every minute of everyday from beginning to end.

      I cannot wait for Jayne to meet Mercy!!!! (and you too)

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  3. I'm going to miss the daily updates. They have become a part of my morning routine. I pray your trip home will be restful, a chance to reflect on God's goodness, and anticipation of being together as a family of six.

  4. Hmmm, Starbucks or Oreos?? Toss up... but I'm gonna love America!! :)

    Love every word of every post; every grace upon grace; every miracle in your trip, your hearts, Mercy's progress.

    Things I will miss about China: reading your posts everyday, watching a story of Mercy and mercy unfold before our eyes.

    Things I will NOT miss about China: you'll be home and we can see face to face!!

  5. Oh my gosh. I can't get over how cute she is. Cannot wait to see you. Hoping to make it Friday. Hoping...

  6. Jane and Scott, thank you for lovingly taking the time to share your journey of faith with us. Your stories have been precious, your testimony of God's faithfulness, mighty and the photos...priceless! We know and love Mercy all the more because you shared her with us with such detail and insight. Blessings of God's grace and lots of sleep on the ride home. I can't wait to squeeze your Little Princess and tell her "Welcome home Mercy Evangeline Miller!"