Saturday, May 4, 2013

One Anniversary to the next

One year ago today we had 250 of some of our closest friends, family, and supporters and even a few people we didn't know gather together for a Spaghetti Dinner.  That evening the Lord poured out blessings beyond measure.  We raised enough to cover all of the fees for our paperwork processing and left a little extra for things that laid ahead.  One year ago today, on that same night Scott and I were also celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary.  Many didn't know it at the time, but we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than gathering so many together to share our new passion for adoption.  You can read a past blog post here:  Spaghetti Dinner  The Lord had more in store for that evening then helping to provide for our adoption.  A healing took place that night that will forever be impressed on my heart, you can read about it here:  Grace and Healing

So today now marks 17 years of wedding bliss (sometimes not so bliss) for the two of us.  One year later and here we are just one week away from landing in a foreign country that will change the life we know today forever.  It's crazy really.  I keep asking how we ever got on this road.  Some days I am so excited and other days I feel so inadequate, terrified really.  But everyday I'm thankful.  Thankful for a husband who is such a great support and who from the beginning has taken the lead on this journey.  Thankful for a Lord who is so personal that He has addressed everyone of my fears.  So thankful for my kids who have embraced in their hearts this little sister they have never met.  So thankful for our family and friends who have lifted us up when we were weary, encouraged our hearts, supported us and prayed.  I'm thankful that the whole of this part of the journey is nearing an end and a new one beginning.  I'm thankful for 17 years of highs and lows with a husband who puts up with more than any man should.  I often jokingly refer to him as Mr. Mercy, now to become the father of our daughter Mercy. He has always had the gift of mercy, and now he will have the gift of Mercy.

 We have made many memories over past anniversaries, but these may become some of the most memorable along the way.  Thanks Scott for being a great husband, father and for being the god-fearing Jesus seeking man that you are.  Happy Anniversary, I love you.

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